Shopping online is just one part of the experience - receiving your order and knowing how to take care of it will ensure that everything lasts for a long time.

All of our products are made in stonewashed linen, meaning that you can use your item straight away and do not need to prewash before wearing.


linen field


How to care for your linen:

  1. Gentle cycle cold or warm wash the linen on its own 
  2. Ensure you wash with similar colour, avoid mixing darks and lights
  3. We recommend line drying where possible, as tumble drying can cause shrinkage
  4. Do not bleach and do not dry clean
  5. Use a gentle liquid detergent 
  6. Ironing - linen creases easily and this gives it a natural raw look, however you can iron your linen. We recommended ironing while slightly damp as it makes easier to get rid of the creases.

What is stonewashed linen and how is it different?
Stonewashing is a traditional and artisanal way of softening the fabric naturally. It is done by placing your lovely linen items, in their raw and scratchy form into a large machine with hundreds of pumice stones inside, the machine then spins your item and the stones around to make sure that the pumice stones come in consistent contact with the fabric, softening it so it can be ready to used. This is a natural and more environmentally friendly way of ensuring your items are ready for you to use as opposed to cheaper and more common chemical enzyme washes.